16 April 2010


     We often think of You Tube as the site to go to for funny pet videos or celebrity clips. I have my own You Tube channel, filled with videos of Oscar the Cat and of my recent travels. It never occured to me to use You Tube as a genealogy source until a fellow research pointed me to a video clip of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny. So, of course, that suggestion led to hours of searching through videos of Irish towns, Irish music, and Irish culture.
     We can use You Tube as a genealogy vehicle in many ways:
1. as a way to display and share our own family videos (be mindful of the privacy concerns of your family members)
2. as a research tool, to find videos of the areas you are researching
3. as a learning tool, to obtain information about Irish genealogy
     I will comment on making family history videos in another post, but for now I would like to note that it is far easier than you would think to create your own family history video and to upload it to You Tube. Putting your family history in video form is a wonderful way to reach other family members who are not interested at looking at charts and records. I love making my own family history videos and dvd's and sending them out as holiday treats. I don't post them on You Tube, but I do share them with family members on Facebook.
     Have you searched You Tube for videos of your ancestors' place of origin? Try searching for the city or townland or county. More and more Irish people, and tourists, are making local history videos and sharing them on You Tube. You might even try a name or surname search. I have seen several videos dedicated to the memory of an ancestor.
     You can even learn about Irish genealogy research on You Tube. I enjoy the videos that have been uploaded by "Teapot Genealogy," a group of Irish genealogists in Australia. The Teapot presenters inlcude Billie Jacobsen, Wendy Dzubiel, and Kaye Vernon.  They began their discussions about making genealogy videos over a cup of tea, leading Kaye's daughter to suggest the name of "Teapot Genies."
     Their videos are discussions of Irish family history, often made at places of historical significance in Ireland and Australia. Often, the Teapot Genies' videos include interviews with record-keepers and historians in Ireland. Sample video subjects include Skibbereen, Irish church records, and the Famine.
COFLUN'S CHANNEL (Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny videos)
DBFX1954 (my channel--sorry no genealogy videos YET)