21 May 2010

The Latest Buzz

     The latest buzz in the Irish genealogy world is of two new additions to online records databases. The first is the addition to the site sponsored by Ireland's Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport. The records to be uploaded on June 16th include Church of Ireland records for pre 1900 Dublin City, and also Counties Cork (City and West Cork) and Kerry. Other RC and Church of Ireland records are already available online at
Do keep this site on your favorites list and check it every so often, as the search and records are free.
     The other news concerns the 1901 census. The National Archives, which already has the 1911 census online, plans to upload the 1901 census to its database in June. This census will be available to researchers online in full, not in installments as was the 1911 census. The link to the present Archives census:
National Archives, Ireland, 1911 census