08 October 2010


     There has been quite a few new developments in Irish records databases the past few weeks, so today is update day.
     First, the buzz about Google Maps--the photo mapping of Ireland is completed! I have found this photo service to be of great use to me here in the States. I have used it to see photos of my ancestral churches and addresses. A friend of mine used it recently to view some tombstones (near the road) in a cemetery. Can't get to Ireland anytime soon? Spend an day strolling the streets of your favorite town via your computer with this Google service. It is free, by the way.
     Simply type in the address in Google Maps. You might have to try some different spelling variations, and perhaps start with a map of the county or city and then use the zoom function. Don't forget to add the "Ireland" term. Or, you can access the global Google map and then click on Ireland.
     When you have the larger geographical area you are looking for, zoom to street level. On your left, in the zoom and navigation controls, is an icon of a man. Click on him and drag him to the place on the map you want to see. If a photo is available, the street will change color. Click him into place and have fun exploring. Try the directional and zoom funtions for a 360 degree view.
      If that is not enough to keep you busy for a week or more, check out the following additions to online databases.
Birth, Deaths & Marriages from the Freeman's Journal
Killaloe Marriage Bonds for Tipperary. Includes spouses from
surrounding counties
Clare Genealogy Archives
"Part of the Estate of Hon. Brig. Thomas Fowke" From the Dublin
Journal 1 Aug 1747
Cork Genealogy Archives - News
A rent roll for the County of Cork, 1st Nov. 1748.
Cork Headstone Photos
Kilbrogan Cemetery (Chuch of Ireland), Bandon, Cork
Derry Genealogy Archives - Church Records
CARLIN Baptisms & Births 1841-1875
Dublin Genealogy Archives
List of Dublin Cemeteries
Dublin Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Deansgrange Cemetery, South West Section Part 4
Fermanagh Genealogy Archives - Church
Tubrid Church, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh - Burials 1836-1943
Laois Genealogy Archives - Church Records
Mount Mellick Baptisms 1837 - 1859 - F-G
Limerick Genealogy Archives - Church
PURTILL Baptisms in Kilcolman Parish
Monaghan Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Tydavnet New Graveyard - Map of Graves
Wicklow Headstone Index
Arklow Cemetery, Part 3 (Updated)

     The Irish Family History Foundation has added more counties to its online database: Laois, Offaly, and Limerick.  If you have not yet used the IFHF database, be aware that, while the searching the index is free, they charge 5 Euro for each record you may wish to view (with other rates for multiple records). Also be aware that the IFHF does deny access to users who exceed the IFHF limit of free searches without purchasing a record  (I am not sure of what that limit is). While these features of the IFHS are somewhat controversial, it remains the largest online database of Irish records, and can be an invaluable, but also expensive, source. I find that, while "fishing expeditions" can be expensive on the IFHF, a carefully conducted search  (with solid information on an ancestor such as a county, townland, parent's or spouse's names) can produce results well worth the fee.
     I find there are two "camps" of family historians: one group believes all ancestral records and information should be free and accessible, while the other side is more willing to pay fees (of course, we all want those fees to be reasonable and give value for the cost). I do attempt to promote free sites in this blog, and to avoid being an advertisement for any paid services, but I do feel that I must mention some of these fee-based sites, when relevant or newsworthy, as a service to all the family historians. My updates do not constitute an endorsement, just information, and where relevant, my experiences.
     Enough legalese! Have a great week strolling along those Google Map streets!