05 November 2010


     I had a wonderful trip to Rome last week. As an American, I am always amazed by the sheer stretch of history in the buildings of Europe, and visiting the antiquities in Rome was truly an experience of a lifetime. As a family historian, I envied those Romans whose families have roots stretching back through those ages. I have to remind myself that we all have roots that long--we just have to find them!
    Upon my return, I was happy to learn that at least two researchers took my "call to action" seriously and contacted other people for information about ancestors. Both made progress in their research. One man reminded me to pass on this advice: attend reunions or jubilee celebrations of ancestral or childhood parishes or schools (or just attend Mass or services in an ancestral or childhood parish). Former neighbors and fellow parishioners of your ancestors and relatives can give you valuable information about your ancestors and insight into their lives. You might even discover a family secret or neighborhood gossip!
1641 Depositions
     The buzz this month seems to center around the Trinity College Dublin's online database of the 1641 Depositions. These depositions have been the subject of much controversy throughout subsequent Irish history. The depositions, about 8,000 of them now online, were taken of Irish Protestants after the violent Catholic uprising. Not only is the database of importance to students of Irish history, it is of great genealogical value. The depositions are full of names--Catholics, Protestants, victims, perpetrators, neighbors, officials, and bystanders. The database is searchable by surname and by county. Be aware that the original spellings were used, so you must search for various spellings of the surnames you are researching (e.g., Brennan, Brenin). The database is free, registration (of an email address) is required.
Irish Genealogical Projects
     The wonderful volunteers at the Irish Genealogical Project continue to expand their outstanding databases. Below are their latest updates. Thank you, IGP!
General Ireland NEWSPAPER---check out the new drop-down box for searching the newspapers.
HOME Page with drop down box for counties
Blanchardstown Dublin Asst. Baptisms - 1775-1880
Chapelizod Parish Dublin - Asst. Baptisms, (FLANAGAN, LANE, NEWMAN) 1854-1905
St Paul Parish Dublin - Asst. Baptisms FLANNAGAN, BERGIN, MULLALLY & others
St Paul Parish Dublin - Asst. Marriages FLANNAGAN, BERGIN, MULLALLY & others
Blanchardstown Dublin Assorted Marriages - 1776-1879
Chapelizod Parish Dublin - Assorted Marriages 1854-1928
Kildare Genealogy Archives CHURCH
MULLALY, RORKE, TIMMINS - Assorted R.C., Baptisms
To Be Sold - The Estate of John EATON, Esq
Laois Genealogy Archives - CHURCH
Mount Mellick Baptisms 1837 - 1859 - K
R.C. Baptisms - Connor, Fitzpatrick, Kennedy
Limerick - PHOTOS
Kilflynn Church (Church of Ireland) Ballydonohoe
Ballyorgan, Roman Catholic Church, Kilflyn
Limerick Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Kilflynn Church of Ireland Graveyard, Ballydonohoe
Longford Genealogy Archives - Headstone Photos
Patrick Walsh - Headstone
St. Patrick's Plaques, Monaghan
Tipperary Free Press, 4 April 1827 - Assizes
Tipperary VITALS
Assorted South Tipperary Birth Extracts 1864-1918
Assorted South Tipperary Marriage Extracts 1864-1918
Assorted South Tipperary Death Extracts 1864-1918
Wicklow Genealogy Archives - CHURCH
Assorted R.C. Baptisms - BYRNE, FITZPATRICK
Kilquade Cemetery