06 May 2011


Lots happening in the world of Irish genealogy, so today I will bring you the highlights.
CHANGES AT THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF IRELAND (NLI). Going to Ireland this spring or summer to research? Be aware that the National Library has changed its hours for the reading rooms. Beginning this week, the new reading room hours will be Monday to Wednesday 9:30 to 19:45, Thursday and Friday 9:30 to 16:45, and Saturday 9:30 to 12:45. Also, a new boon for researchers--you can now pre-order manuscripts, books, and microfilms BEFORE your visit. Your materials will be ready for you when you arrive. While at the NLI, you can also reserve items for the next day. This change is a very important time saver for family historians. When I researched the Wandesforde papers in the manuscript reading room, a good third of my time was spent filling out order forms and waiting for the runners to retrieve the files. While the runners were prompt and service was wonderful, I did lose valuable research time waiting for files. This change provides us with tons more time for research. Remember that PREPARATION is the key to a successful research trip to Ireland!
IRELAND REACHES OUT TO DESCENDANTS OF EMIGRANTS.  Thanks to my friend Rosemarie, who made me aware of a new program that is being launched in Ireland to identify and to welcome the descendants of emigrants. That's correct--not only are we searching for our ancestors, Ireland is searching for us! This summer, a family and local history celebration will be held for descendants of emigrants from southeast Galway.  If you have Galway ancestors, be sure to check out the upcoming WEEK OF WELCOMES : IRELANDXO.ORG
DICK EASTMAN ARTICLE ON IRISH PENSION RECORDS. Dick Eastman recently published a blog article about Irish pension records being made available (for a fee) online by Irish-Genealogy.com. The pension records and forms are important to many researchers because they can contain information that is lacking due to the loss of census records. However, I would urge readers to read the comment section after Dick's blog post, as the comments contain valuable information regarding the records.