05 October 2011


     As I noted in a previous post, the Certificates of Irish Heritage were to be available late September--and they are! I ordered mine yesterday. When I saw that the certificate contains the names of up to two Irish ancestors, I thought that having one would be an appropriate way of honoring my Irish ancestors. As my main honoree and documented ancestor, I chose my great grandfather, Richard Large, who was born in Gurteen, Co. Kilkenny in 1826 and left Ireland for Canada and the US in 1844. My second ancestor named on the certificate will be my third great grandmother, Peggy Lagan, who was born in Innishatieve, Co. Tyrone, about 1805. It was Peggy's 1847 letter to her children in Philadelphia that began my journey to trace my family back across the pond. In this way, I honor one ancestor who emigrated and one who stayed. Richard suffered the heartbreak of leaving his home, and Peggy suffered the heartbreak of watching her children leave, forever, her cottage beneath the sycamore tree in Innishatieve.
     The process of ordering a certificate was very easy. I suggest having all your dates at hand and your necessary documents scanned before beginning. Of course, I didn't and, of course, I spent double the time on the order.

(Disclaimer: I am not in associated in any way with FEXCO, the company providing the certificates on behalf of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).