20 October 2011


     Sue, a fellow family historian, has been on the trail of her ancestor Osceola Powell for years. Osceola is her "brick wall," and Sue's research has taken her down interesting genealogical trails. She suspects that her Osceola might have a connection with the Seminole leader Osceola, also known as Billy Powell.

Signature of Osceola Powell, Sue's ancestor

      Last week, Sue decided that it was time to commemorate her ancestor. She also decided to do it in a way that would "shake things up" and allow her to "strike out in an unexpected direction." So, how did she decide to honor her ancestor? A light bulb clicked on in Sue's mind after she read a news story about young parents' getting tattoos with the names of their children. Hmmmm, Sue had Osceola's signature on his daughter's birth registry. What to do with that signature?
  Genealogy + creativity + skin + ink ( + a little bit of pain) resulted in....
Yep! It's permanent!

     I have relatives and friends with tattoos of the Irish flag and the Celtic cross. Why not an ancestor's name or likeness? Maybe a coat of arms, official or self-created? I think Sue is onto a new trend in genealogy.Can you imagine--tattoo booths at all the major conventions?