03 October 2011


     October is celebrated as Family History Month in the United States. In honor of Family History Month, many of the commercial online genealogy sites offer free or reduced rate services. So, if you are looking to save money or to try out a commercial site, it would be wise to keep your eyes open for bargains and offers this month. Many libraries and archives across the country have special exhibits or programs in honor of Family History Month. Check them out!
     Take a minute this month to think about your family history research goals for the year. Set new goals for the coming year or start that new project you have been putting off. Another great way to celebrate is to dust off those "miscellaneous" files and search for clues you might have missed.
    You can also mark Family History Month by joining a genealogy group or society. You will find that having other researchers in your life helps your research tremendously and provides a social outlet in what can be, at times, a hobby that requires too much "alone" time.

off the town square in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny

     And, don't forget to raise a pint in honor of the ancestors! Better yet, plan that trip to Ireland so you can raise the pint in the land of your ancestors!