14 October 2011


     I posted earlier this year on the new Ireland Reaching Out program. This initiative aims to identify, by parish, those persons who left Ireland, then to trace their descendants. Envision the hand of Irish genealogy reaching out from Ireland to grasp the hands of Irish family historians working around the world, and you can picture "Ireland Reaching Out." The program, also known as IrelandXO, began with participating parishes in Co. Galway. In June, IrelandXO, together with these parishes, held a Week of Welcomes for descendants and family historians, complete with tours and genealogical assistance.
     The Week of Welcomes was a success, and the program continues to grow. A meeting was scheduled for this week to broaden the number of Irish parishes participating.
     The IrelandXO project has also issued a call for volunteers to help in the genealogical work involved. Read more about the project and the volunteer opportunities by clicking on the links below.