28 October 2011


     My Certificate of Irish Heritage arrived this week. I love it! As my Derry "daughter" Caitriona would say, "It's brilliant!"  I'll be honest, I did not expect much, and the certificate and framing exceeded my expectations. The framing is excellent, I would highly recommend ordering a frame with the certificate. The price was very reasonable, and I probably could not have gotten a better framing job in the States for the price. My husband now wants a certificate, and he isn't even Irish (well, he IS an honorary Irishman. Hmm, maybe the Irish government should look into giving Honorary Certs.).
     I put the certificate in my study across from my desk so that it encourages me in my Irish family history research.  Instead of blathering on, I will let my readers see for themselves. The links to the site and to my other posts about the Certificate are below the photos.

I chose to honor Richard Large, my great grandfather, because I have his baptism record from the  St. Mary Church of Ireland in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny. I also honored Peggy Reilly, whose poignant 1847 letter from Innishatieve, County Tyrone, set me on my journey to uncover my family history. I thought these two ancestors together told the story of my family roots: South and North, Protestant and Catholic, male and female, miner and farmer. Although they aren't the "oldest" ancestors on my tree, their two stories fueled my love of Irish genealogy.