12 October 2011


     In their recent press release, the Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF) announced that 535,00 Roman Catholic baptismal records for Co. Waterford parishes are now available online. For a long time, access to Co. Waterford records was difficult for overseas researchers to obtain, so these additional online records will be welcome news to many Waterford family historians.
     The IFHF database continues to be the largest source of Irish records available online. However, be aware that the IFHF does charge for access to its records. As I have noted in previous posts, although the initial search is free, the IFHF will bar from accessing the site those researchers who perform an excessive amount of free searches without purchase of a record. Please review very carefully the payment schedule, and the terms and conditions of the use of the database. If you search the "labels" on the right hand column of this blog, you can access my earlier posts regarding the IFHF database.