31 October 2011


     Since Halloween is rooted in ancient Celtic traditions, I wanted to wish all Irish family historians a frightfully happy Halloween! If you want to learn more about how our ancestors celebrated Shamhna, also known as Samhain, simply use some of the following words in your favorite Internet search engine: Halloween, Irish, Celtic, Hallow's Eve, Samhain, Shamhna. Also, the Irish American Magazine has an excellent article by Edythe Preet on the ancient roots of the holiday (link below).     I cannot find a photo of an Irish ancestor in Halloween garb, but I do have one of my Polish babcia (grandmother). So, in honor of all our ancestors everywhere who enjoyed the frights of Halloween night, I am posting it below.
     P.S. Please send any Cadbury Flakes you might find in your Halloween sacks for me. Thank you.
Sophie Jakubowski Burdalski about 1940