19 December 2011


     Time is short this week, I know, but technology can help you create last minute gifts of family history quickly. Some ideas from fellow researchers:
  • ancestor charts (the perennial favorite): Print out a family tree and frame it or have it laminated.
  • old photographs: Time to share those old family photos! Make a collage of old photos or frame one or two special ancestors. Or, scan and copy your entire photo collection.
  • family records:  Have you found records that other relatives might appreciate possessing? For example, records of a cousin's parent? Make a gift of the records (don't forget to make yourself a copy first). You can create a binder for them in no time at all, or place them in a nice memento box if you are short on time. Not only will you be creating a gift, you will help to preserve family records by distributing them.
  • DVD's: If you are handy with video programs, make a short DVD from old family videos. Videos of family Christmas gatherings are especially appreciated during the holidays.
  • recipes: Are you the keeper of grandmom's secret recipe box? Time to share! Create a family recipe box or make a quick recipe binder.
  • gifts for the genealogy buff (or that person you want to infect with family history fever): Give a gift subscription for an online database or pay for a DNA analysis.
  • newspaper articles: Create a gift of newspaper articles for a relevant date, such as a person's date of birth.
     Many of these gifts can be assembled quickly in a three ring binder if you are short on time and funds. Or, place them in a memory box or treasure chest. With gifts of family history, it's the thought--or record--that counts!