15 April 2012


     News and updates from the Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP) as follows:

We have been working to tweak our search engine to make it easier to
search the web site.
You can now search all of a county from the County Table of Contents
page. You can also search
the Headstones from the Headstone Table of Contents for each County.
We now have a search page where you can search any of three ways from this page:

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives Births
Assorted McElhinney Births
DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Mount Jerome, Dublin - Parts 41 - 44
MEATH Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Ardbracken/Ardbraccan Graveyard (used as for Catholic & CoI burials)
Ashbourne, Immaculate Conception (R.C.) Churchyard
Athboy, St James (Church of Ireland) Cemetery
Athboy, St James (Old)
Athboy, St James (R.C.) - Plaques
Laracor, St. Peter's Church Graveyard
Summerhill, Agher Cemetery, Co. Meath
MEATH Genealogy Archives - Cemetery Records
Galtrim Headstones
St, James Church Of Ireland Cemetery, Athboy  (completed)
St. Lawrence Cemetery [RC] Rathmore, Athboy, Co. Meath (partial)
MONAGHAN Genealogy Archives - Headstones.
Ballinode Church - Tydavnet Parish, St Dympna's (updated)
MONAGHAN Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
1840-1841 Royal Irish Constabulary
ROSCOMMON Genealogy Archives - Military & Constabulary
1840-41 Royal Irish Constabulary
TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives - Land
List of Claims - Forfeited Estates - Tipperary 1700 Pt. 3
TYRONE Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Desertcreat Church of Ireland (4 headstones & sign)
WEXFORD Genealogy Archives - Land
Records Claims - 1700 (pdf) 27K Apr 2012 Mary Heaphy Wexford Archives
WEXFORD Genealogy Archives - Photos
United Irishmen Commemoration Stone - Gorey
WEXFORD Genealogy Archives
List of Claims - 1700 (pdf)