09 December 2012


     Our impending move back to the States has me worried about transporting my collection of family history "stuff." Besides the worries of transporting boxes of paper records and notes, I worry about computer accidents and crashes. I don't trust the Cloud, yet I know that papers burn and get lost. Nothing makes a family historian so vulnerable as placing her life's work in another's hands. I want a thousand ways to back up my work!
     I tend to get bored when the B word--backup--is mentioned. Luckily, my husband is obsessive about backing up computer files. While he was setting up my computers for the trip home, I began to drill him on his backup methods. Rather than repeat our conversation here, I will simply direct you to my "interview" with Doug that I posted today on my sister blog, Spilling the Family Beans:
     Read it if you, too, are concerned with the preservation of your own genealogical research and records!