23 March 2013


     Does your Irish family tree chart have blank spaces at about 1800? Are you wondering if DNA testing would help you break through this common brick wall in your research?
      Dr. Maurice Gleeson, co-administrator of the Spearin Surname Project, gave a lecture on March 20th at the National Library of Ireland on DNA: BRICK WALL BUSTER? on behalf of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (IRGS). For those of us who could not fly to Dublin to attend this very informative lecture, Dr. Gleeson has placed a video version on You Tube:
     DNA testing can be a very complicated subject, but Dr. Gleeson gives clear and informative explanations of how DNA testing and a "paper trail" (genealogical records research) can be combined to break down genealogical brick walls. Although it is especially helpful for an Irish family researcher like me to hear examples from an Irish research perspective, this lecture is helpful to those researching any ethnicity.
     Dr. Gleeson is a busy man indeed. He has a blog in which he posts explanations of DNA topics, DNA AND FAMILY TREE RESEARCH:
He also has a series of very informative videos on his You Tube Channel:

(Special thanks to Martha Bowes of the Bowes One Name Study for the tip about Dr. Gleeson and his informative videos!)