17 April 2013


     The Anglican Record Project is an ongoing effort by Mark Williams to make Church of Ireland birth, marriage, and burial records available online (and, very importantly, FREE). Only a few selected parishes are currently available, but remember to check the project web page often for new additions to the database.
ANGLICAN RECORD PROJECT:  http://ireland.anglican.org/about/151
     Don't forget that, at times in Irish history, persons of faiths other than Anglican had life events recorded in Church of Ireland records.
     If you plan to visit Dublin and you have ancestors who were members of the Church of Ireland, don't miss researching the records kept in the Representative Church Body Library (RCB). Many parish registers are available at the RCB facility. The staff is top notch--attentive and expert. Do check with the library before you visit, however, to make sure that they have the records you need and to check their hours, as it is a small facility that is a distance from the city centre. (I got to the library easily by taxi, but found it difficult to hail one to return. The library is accessible by bus, also. There is a lovely pub a few blocks away, but not much else in the neighborhood, so be prepared to walk to lunch!).
Parish registers held at the RCB Library: http://ireland.anglican.org/index.php?do=about&id=109
(Special thanks to M-J for reminding me about this project).