08 July 2013


     I often check for genealogy sources and publications from the United Kingdom. A common mistake made by Irish family history researchers is the failure to consult and research British resources and publications. Don't forget that British and Irish history are intertwined, and that many Irish records were kept by the British, and many British records contain information on Irish persons.
     So, I was excited when I was alerted to a digital and print UK genealogy publication called DISCOVER YOUR ANCESTORS. I found that this publication is not just another genealogy magazine rehashing the same old subjects (though it does also cover topics for newbies). Just reading through the topics covered in recent issues gave me quite a few new research ideas. For example, the July issue features an article on smallpox and vaccination records--a whole new avenue of research for me to undertake, even in the USA!
     The publisher, Mark Galbraith, promises that each issue will cover a topic of interest to Irish researchers. According to Galbraith, the focus of the publication will be on "how our ancestors lived their lives." DISCOVER YOUR ANCESTORS will be available monthly online (for 1 pound a month) and will also have an annual print edition (thick with articles not contained in the e-zine).
     Check out the publication site: http://www.discoveryourancestors.co.uk/